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Your website deserves all the benefits a professional hosting company can offer.

Website hosting is the allocation, on our servers, of some space exclusively for you to upload your site's files and databases.

This space usually also include mail boxes (for your emails) as well as the software needed by your website to run smoothly.

The choice of hosting provider can have an impact on the success of your website .

Indeed, the speed, reliability and location of your hosting company are major factors for your visitors and for the search engines.

For your visitors: if you site is slow or regularly unavailable your visitors will stop coming and visit your competitors' sites instead.

For search engines: the geographical location of your server is used to filter your target audience. For example, if you website has a generic domain (.com, .net, .org), it will be harder to get good rankings in UK results if it's not hosted in the UK (to some extent).

We currently host over 400 websites on our dedicated servers located on both sides of the Channel. This allows our clients to rank properly on french and english search engines.

Contact us to receive a free no-obligation quote to get your website hosted on our servers.

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