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Search engine optimisation

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Search engine optimisation is vital to your website success.

Search engine optimisation also known as 'website optimisation' are the steps taken to get it to rank higher in the search engines.

Search engine optimisation should be discussed before your website is built to make it easier to implement.

Improvement of content, code and inbound links is the basis of good search engine optimisation.

Content optimisation

Your website content (text and structure) is used by search engines to rank your website against a query.

To have any chance of obtaining high rankings, your pages must contain keywords that matches the query and be structurally sound.

It is our web copywriters' job to guarantee optimised content that is well structured and interesting to your visitors.

Code optimisation

Pages' code and site structure (page names, folder names, links, etc.) also need to be looked at.

This is because some web technologies and some site building techniques are not suitable to get the best rankings and can even have a negative impact the latter.

Inbound links building - Linkbuilding

Inbound links play a major role in the way search engines rank your website.

To give you a very very simplified example: the more your website has inbound links, the higher it will rank. But the quality of the links is as important as their number.

Our search engineers will optimise on your wensite code and structure as well as increasing the number and quality of your inbound links.

Contact us to receive a free no-obligation quote to get you started with search engine optimisation.

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