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Pay per click (PPC) and sponsored links

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Pay per click, or how to get visitors ... instantly.

Pay per click (PPC) - also known as 'sponsored links' - is a quick and easy way to get visitors to your website. Once you have chosen the keywords relevant to your market / company, your ads will appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). Quality-checking and maximum-bidding systems determine your ads position compared to your competitors' and you pay a set amount for each click.

Unlike search engine optimisation, which can take months before bearing fruits, pay per click get you quasi-immediate results.

In minutes, your website can get visitors from your pay per click campaign.

Google Adwords is the de facto PPC program, thanks to Google's 80% market share in the UK. This popularity ensures your ads get a high number of impressions but they also compete in a tougher environment which leads to higher 'cost per click'.

Speed of results and cost control make pay per click a great tool to test new products or services or for the launch of a new website.

We advise our clients to opt for both search engine optimisation and pay per click, to ensure a stronger exposure of their website on Google - and the other search engines - result pages.

Contact us to receive a free no-obligation quote to get you started with pay per click.

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